Classic American Names

This post will feature my pick of classic all American names from the Victorian era, pre war period, the swinging sixties, Back to the 70’s -80’s, 90’s babies and the newly trending names.

American Victorian Names:

George, Arthur, John, Stanley and Edward.

Minnie, Mary, Cora, Vera, Susie, and Pearl.

Pre War Period American Names:

Henry, Charles, Chester, Herbert, Earl, Gordon, Lee, Jesse and Jack.

Loretta, Blanche, Mabel, Mildred, Joyce, Nellie, Annie and Thelma.

The American Swinging Sixties Names:

Michael, Jerry, Kenneth, Anthony, Gene and Randy.

Cynthia, Jean, Joanne, Gloria, Rita, Lillian, Marlene and Kathleen.

Back to the 70’s-80’s American Names:

Jason, Ryan, Jared, Dustin, Salvador, Eric, Lance, Derek, Kevin, Brandon and Dean

Jennifer, Tiffany, Jacqueline, Valerie, Heather, Erica, Christina, Kelly, Crystal, Stephanie, April and Julie.

The 90’s American Names:

Dylan, Sawyer, Luke, Connor, Caleb, Zachary, Wesley, Angel, Lucas and Tyler.

Taylor, Piper, Kaitlyn, Sydney, Amy, Emily, Courtney, Brittany, Elizabeth, Kelsey, Savannah and Emma

Newly Trending Names in America:

Jaxon, Blake, Gabriel, Elijah, Kayden, Jace, Carter, Hunter, Chase, Logan and Isaac.

Riley, Layla, Grace, Destiny, Sierra, Quinn, Scarlett, Faith, Sofia and Nora.






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