Unusual English Surnames

Here are a few interesting  and notable English surnames I have come across:

  1.  Bratton
  2.  Touley
  3.  Beetlestone
  4.  Thurlow
  5.  Mumby
  6.  Elkington
  7.  Bradding
  8.  Elsmore
  9.  Fothergill
  10. Goddard

The -Wood’s:

Keywood, Wardlewood, Ellwood, Garwood, Hazelwood, Greenwood, Hopwood, Darwood, Harwood and Calderwood.

The -Worth’s:

Duckworth and Shuttleworth.

The -Ett’s:

Tuckett, Lynett, Terrett, Eyett, Warnett, Barlett, Luckett, Yarlett, Trickett, Flett, Fawcett and Senett.

The -Field’s:

Merrifield, Hatfield, Littlefield and Brookfield.



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