Unusual Names from the Characters of Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s novels provide an insight in the lifestyle of the English Gentry and Middle class of Georgian Britain. Below is a complied list of the unusual first names used in the great novels of Austen.

Augusta – A classic name, the female version of August features in Emma. 

Elinor – This spelling of the name Eleanor is used in Sense and Sensibility.

Fanny – From Mansfield park a now less popular name.

Frank – Another character out of the pages of Emma. 

Ftizwilliam – The first name of Mr Darcy, you don’t need me to tell you which book he is from.

Georgiana – Deriving from of course Pride and Prejudice. 

Kitty – The nickname of Elizabeth Bennett’s younger sister in Pride and Prejudice.

Marianne – originating from Sense and Sensibility.


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