Titled (Posh) Names

Names generally originating from noble, aristocratic or for want of a better word posh titles which can be used as names, whether you use them or not your call. King, Prince, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Count, Baron, Sir, Knight, Major, Princess, Duchess, Countess, Baroness, Lady Possible nicknames??? Marquess: Marc, Arq Earl: Arl Baron: Baz, Baro Major:… Continue reading Titled (Posh) Names

Unusual English Surnames

Here are a few interesting  and notable English surnames I have come across:  Bratton  Touley  Beetlestone  Thurlow  Mumby  Elkington  Bradding  Elsmore  Fothergill Goddard The -Wood’s: Keywood, Wardlewood, Ellwood, Garwood, Hazelwood, Greenwood, Hopwood, Darwood, Harwood and Calderwood. The -Worth’s: Duckworth and Shuttleworth. The -Ett’s: Tuckett, Lynett, Terrett, Eyett, Warnett, Barlett, Luckett, Yarlett, Trickett, Flett, Fawcett and Senett. The -Field’s:… Continue reading Unusual English Surnames

Classic American Names

This post will feature my pick of classic all American names from the Victorian era, pre war period, the swinging sixties, Back to the 70’s -80’s, 90’s babies and the newly trending names. American Victorian Names: George, Arthur, John, Stanley and Edward. Minnie, Mary, Cora, Vera, Susie, and Pearl. Pre War Period American Names: Henry, Charles, Chester, Herbert, Earl, Gordon,… Continue reading Classic American Names

Roman Names

Top Ten Roman Names: 1.    Augustus, Augusta 2.  Gaius, Gaia 3. Aurelius, Aurelia 4.  Octavius, Octavia 5.  Claudius, Claudia 6.  Decimus, Decima 7.  Julius, Julia 8.  Lucius, Lucia 9. Flavius, Flavia 10. Cornelius. Cornelia Other notable names: Marius, Cassius, Justus, Marcus, Titus, Junius, Maximus, Severus, Quintus, Longius, Bassus, Domitius, Alecto, Alfius, Licinius, Brutus, Celsus, Sergius,… Continue reading Roman Names